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December 6, 2012
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An easy wire-wrapping tutorial

Thu Dec 6, 2012, 1:10 AM
When it comes to making jewerly, especially silver, wire-wrapping technique is one of the nicest consider the availability and costs of the materials (it definitely beats Art Clay Silver at these points). But before you get silver wire and start making such fabulous pieces like the ones I've featured in the end, it's good to take your first steps using something cheaper - and here comes the copper wire - and making something simpler, to get used to this lovely technique.

This tutorial I originally posted on my blog a couple of months ago and I thought about sharing it also here.

6 by SylwiaTelari
This is what we're planning to get.

First of all, we need stones - the more regular they are, the better. No need to think about any super duper expensive ones now (: I collected most of them in my garden, there are also parts of my old broken earrings and a small glass ball. We also need sharp pincers, round pincers and a wire, 0.6mm or thicker, 40cm at least. Copper wire is quite cheap and it suits this exercise well.

1 by SylwiaTelari

Take the wire, leave behind about 4-5cm and round the stone with it, tightly. Leave the 4-5cm again and cut the whole part off, like in the picture below. Now you know what length  ou need, more or less 14-15 cm, depends on the stone. Use this piece of wire as a measure to cut more of them. Here I use 4, but it can be 2,3,5...

Gather them all together, find the middle and wrap the wire around, making the spiral not longer than 1cm. You don't need to cut off the wire before wrapping it, it would be a waste if you cut a too long piece.

2 by SylwiaTelari 3 by SylwiaTelari

Take the wires and wrap them around the stone, just like you did in the first step. Bend them to make a "neck" like in the picture below, twist them gently together as close to the stone as you can and save the connection with another spiral.

4 by SylwiaTelari

Leave at least 2 wires to make the loop and do what you want with the rest - wrap them around, make swirls, spirals, there are many possibilites, as you could see in the first photo. Then, take at least one wire and bend it like in the picture - use either your fingers or the round pincers. Wrap around it the last free wires and save the ends of the loop, e.g. by swirling them, so it won't slip out. And that's it! Now you can make 15 such pendants and produce a whole necklase, if you add also some beads.

5 by SylwiaTelari

And now, take a look at these brilliant wire-wrapping jewerly pieces.

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Wire earrings by YulienDeathWire-wrapped, large Swarovski necklace by AnnaMroczekAOROTH by LUNARIEEN
Little princess by ggagatkaFLYVE by litoricandelabrum earrings by szaranagayama
Minerva's Crown by LonelySoldierDesignsBrown steampunk necklace by ukapala

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I loved this tutorial and it inspired me to learn the craft, or at least dance with it a little. These are my new babies: [link] and [link] . Thank you!
STelari Feb 19, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Ooh, how nice to see that someone found my tutorial so useful! These are very pretty jewerly pieces - I love the pendant and you did a good job making the earrings, it's not that easy to make the two exactly the same.
Wow, thanks! ^_^
DoodlebertDesigns Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! This is beautifully clear and easy to follow :)
Thanks a lot! :)
STelari Jan 6, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Proszę bardzo (:
artpoppy Dec 12, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you for included my Aberdeen Pendant :)
I really loved this tutorial in your blog, and I'm so happy to see that you uploaded it here, because I can fave it & then go back to reread it. I tried to get to this page a few days earlier, but my pc wouldn't display it, so I left it until now & da da - it's faved!! Thanks very much for showing us how to do this wonderful technique, and making it look easy, although I suspect that it's not quite that easy.
STelari Dec 9, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
It's all a matter of practise (: I'd love to see your results when you come up with something.
If I ever do - and I'd love to - I'll upload the results if they're not too hideous. Thanks for the encouragement!!
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